Friday, 3 August 2012


I really don't update this as often as I would like, I think its just because I get distracted easily and no one really wants to sit in front of a computer when it is super gorgeous out. Plus I'm a huge procrastinator, but I'm sure everyone it at one point when they come home from work. Now its going to be much more difficult since we got another puppy!

Dussy has been moping around the apartment, so he kind of suckered us into getting him a friend, well a girlfriend. Tommy wants to eventually breed them when they are older, in a few months im sure there will be puppy's everywhere! Well maybe not, but it does make me excited. When we went to look at litter this morning, we both knew we weren't leaving without one. She is 9 weeks old, and the most relaxed puppy I have ever met. We named her Lydia, but Liddy for short. Now most of our time will be now showing affection towards our 2 dogs and 2 cats. Which I'm not going to complain at all because I love to come home to my babies.  

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