Tuesday, 12 June 2012

family vacation

These last couple weeks have been a tad overwhelming for me as well as Tommy, but I'm sure we can now say that we are fairly relaxed after our trip to Virginia. We took a week off from a messy apartment full of boxes to a hotel right on the beach. We both had a great time spending time with Tommy's family whether it was relaxing on the beach, playing in the ocean, shopping, or eating a tremendous amount of food every night.

The drive from Hamilton to Virginia Beach and back was probably the only thing I disliked because it took about 12 hours each way (WAY to long for my liking). Poor Tommy and his sister's husband had to drive the whole way cause no one else can drive standard. We left around 4am, and arrived around dinner time, the beach was packed! It was gorgeous out, and everyone was enjoying the weather on memorial day weekend.

We spent most of the time walking along the beach, and on the boardwalk. There was also a few festivals going on down the strip. We couldn't resist riding the ferris wheel, and going on some lame rides that made us both dizzy.

The weather was gorgeous all week expect for the one day of rain because of the storm coming up from Florida. We didn't mind it to much because the first day there we ended up getting sunburnt and needed to stay indoors because of the pain.

Tommy and I took walks almost every morning I love the feeling of the waves, and watching watching little bits of the ocean washing up along the shore. We collected some shells from out walks, most of the them were broken but still had some really neat colours and textures (maybe something I will use as inspiration for my new collections).

As much as it was great to get away, I'm glad to be back home (we missed Dussy way to much). He wasn't to pleased that we left him with a stranger for a week, but he is right back to cuddling under the sheets.

The trip was well worth it, and I'm sure sometime in the near future we can go on another. 

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