Wednesday, 23 May 2012

gettin' down to business

Alright, so the last couple weeks have been pretty crazy over here.

Exhibit A: The Apartment - When we went to view the place a month ago we fell in LOVE with it, even though it was filled with someone else things. Receiving the news the next day after we filled out the application that we got the apartment, we couldn't be happier! Getting the keys, and seeing it empty for the first time, we realized that we had a LOT of work to do. It took us a week to paint and clean the place just to make it livable for us.  Cleaning the kitchen alone took us a few hours with the amount of baked on grease from the previous tenants.  It was a nightmare, but im glad that its over, now we can actually enjoy the place. We are still living out of boxes, so hopefully we are going to be settled in by the end of the month.

Exhibit B: The Dog - Tommy has been searching for a puppy for a couple months now. Looking at breeders, Humane Society, SPCA, and kijji adds, he finally found one, Dussy. After endless scrolling through adds daily, his listing kept popping up. In the add, there was a warning that he needed a lot of training and work, which I'm sure scared a lot of people off and got me a little worried. We decided to give him a shot and see how he was around us. Thankful for me, he was the owner of a single mother and he preferred females, on the other hand Tommy got bitten three times. He also attacked some man when i was walking him -- my bad. Tommy instantly loved him and didn't mind that he needed training, we took him home and it was a completely different dog. He jumped in tommy's lap and cuddled with us the whole night. He is pretty darn cute, as much as I was worried about him trying to kill me I'm glad that we gave him chance.

Exhibit C: The Studio - The studio slowly becoming functional, we have the printing/ and cutting tables being built by Brittni's awesome husband Eric. We are have some storage shelved moved in, as well as a light table. We also found this add on kijji selling silk-screens for super cheap, so of course we jumped on that. Hopefully we will be up and running by the end of the month, and we be able to set up our grand opening.

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