Friday, 6 April 2012

making changes

There is some changes that has gone about this blog in the last few weeks. Thats because FINALLY I  came up with a name for my company. Hatchet. It will be textile based handmade goods made my yours truly. For now I will be focusing on textiles for the home as well as small accessories such as bags, pouches etc. I hope you are as exited as I am! You might be asking, why hatchet? Well I'm glad you asked! After months of trial and error with names, I decided to look up what my last name Obuch means. Its translated to a blunt end of a axe, thus playing around further; Hatchet was born. I really enjoy the sound of hatchet handmade, hopefully you do as well!

I got my business cards the other day I'm pretty happy with them. Here is a little preview.

I also set up an Etsy Shop, the link is also in the sidebar. Though nothing is in the shop as of now, in the next few weeks I will be adding items. Please be patient with me, because most of my stock is in the propeller gallery. And these next few weeks I will be working away at my sewing machine.

Thanks for checking out my blog. 
Have a wonderful weekend,


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