Saturday, 14 April 2012

moving forward

I just want to thank everyone for coming out to the Here & There opening on Thursday night. It wouldn't have been a huge success without all of you. Its great to know that throughout these last three years we have had so much support from our friends and family and also the people that appreciate handmade items. Having all of you squished into two small galleries, where you could barely move couldn't mean more to me.  So I thank you!

As for me, a couple of the graduate girls from textiles and I will be renting our first studio space in downtown Hamilton. Which im pretty excited about, although I am pretty sad to leave Sheridan. Tommy keeps reminding me that this isn't the end, but only the beginning. I enjoy making things,and if people want to buy them, thats definitely cool with me! I can say that I'm glad to be where I am at this moment, and can't wait for what is coming next. 


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