Tuesday, 7 February 2012

sneak peek

For the past couple weeks I have been pretty busy working on my graduation project. I'm currently designing a line of textile kitchenwares and possibly some little pouches, which I'm pretty excited about. They will be inspired from a variety of different fungi. Fungi can be something that can be considered gross, but its actually quite fascinating and beautiful. Some of the fungi I have discovered has a similar look to those coral.
Working with world of nature, examining spores, mushrooms, fungi, and microscopic bateria.   

In the studio, working on colour palettes. For this collection I'm going explore natural earth tones with hint of the bright and intriguing colours of coral reefs.    

On top of designing, all of us in the Crafts and Design program are juggling with all the prep work that goes into the graduation show. The show ill be titled Here & There and will be displayed in two galleries on Queen Street West, in Toronto. The Ontario Crafts Council which will carry Glass and Ceramics and the Propeller which will carry Textiles and Furniture. The opening will take place on April 12th. Im pretty excited but overwhelmed due to all the major deadlines approaching, and its going to be odd not returning to Sheridan in the fall.  


  1. Hi, I found your blog because you liked one of my photos on Instagram. I love that you are designing pieces incorporating the unique textures of fungi. I have plans in the works for some knitted pieces of my own along the same idea. Good luck on it!

  2. Thank you for taking a looking at my blog and instagram page. Fungi really is a really a wonderful thing! Also good luck on your knitted pieces, ill be sure to take a look when you post them!