Monday, 2 January 2012

a new year

I hope you all enjoyed your new years eve celebrations. As for me, I enjoyed a quiet night with Tommy, going out for dinner and watching some films we rented. We were way to tired to even celebrate, we fell asleep shortly after midnight. You could say we are pretty lame party poopers.

As a little treat for ourselves we decided to get iPhones for the new year and they were on a super awesome promotion that we couldn't pass up. Which included a fancy Samsung tablet, can you say technology overload? I'm sure it will be helpful in both our careers and to keep us organized. 

We have also come to the conclusion that this is the year that we are going to pay off all our debit and do some traveling and do some searching for an apartment. Which couldn't come at a great time since I will finally be done school. I love to explore new places, things, and of course, food. We would really like to go all around Europe but been my dream to go to Australia. Come on, who wouldn't? 

We shall see where we end up!

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