Friday, 16 December 2011

another semester comes and goes

Hooray! Today my classes officially ended and I can not begin to tell you how exhausting this week has been. I need a couple days just to catch up on my sleep because I simply can not function.

One of my final assignment for my Dye and Print 3 course was to make any large-scale or multiples pieces using whatever techniques you prefer. I really wanted to make myself a duvet cover for my bed (so I chose the large-scale direction) and I was also interested in working with natural dyes.

So I did some experimenting in my kitchen with natural dyes.

I haven't really explored the world of natural dying but I used mordants such as tannin, alum and iron. The different dyes I used were marigold, madder, lac, cochineal, clutch, pomegranate, and weld.

After many hours of dying, I narrowed down the colours and and the shades I wanted. The lovely thing about natural dyes they react different to different fibres so they aren't really what I wanted in the end, but they would have to do! I guess I'm going to have to do some more experimenting!

For some odd reason I have noticed that I'm drawn to reverse applique, which I didn't realize until after I had finished putting it together. I also decided to add some texture by adding some french knots with the yarn I dyed. There are probably hundreds of knots, but I did have some help from Tommy when I was cramming the night before. He is a pretty fast learner, I'm proud of him; he would make an excellent embroider.

I now have three weeks of sleep working part-time ahead and finishing up my internship with Bookhou . But first, I have to motor on making some Christmas gifts that I have left on the back burner, so I won't be taking a break from my sewing machine just yet.

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  1. i fell in love with reverse applique too! after my hand and lock collection i wanted to keep doing reverse applique but i guess i'll save that steam for later :)
    loved your duvet cover!