Sunday, 27 November 2011

the big apple

In September, Tommy and I decided to take a trip before I started school again. We spent the long weekend in NYC and the weather was beautiful. We had a close call when planning our trip, because the week prior the city was evacuated in some areas due to Hurricane Irene.

Tommy took this photo of a water lily while we sitting by the fountain in Central Park eating our snow cones.

Every Friday night, or when we aren't super busy we watch the show "Oddities" on the Discovery channel, so it was only a must to visit the shop Obscura Antiques & Oddities

Tommy standing in Grand Central Station, where we enjoyed delicious eats in a pretty amazing food court.

Of course we had to take a few tourist-like photos; us in Times Square

We tried going back to Times Square at night, it was such a zoo. We watched so many accidents mainly from cab drivers. I don't think I could ever survive driving in that city, I'm not an aggressive driver so I wouldn't be able to handle it. We did manage to drive by it eventually after sitting in a car for 2 hours. Note to self: never rent a car when you are in NYC, it will only drive you mad.

We also ate at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill for my birthday dinner, which I might add was quiet possibly the best meal we ever ate. We actually were drooling over the goat cheese “Queso fundido” dip for days after. We were so full by the end of our meal but couldn't say no to dessert. The blueberry tart was delicious even though it felt like days to eat it because of the lack of room to put it. If you ever are in NYC make this a must on your to do list, you wont regret it.

On our last day, Tommy wanted to check out a few tattoo shops that he had come across via TattooSnob before we left. This  took us to Thicker Than Water where Mike Moses did this pretty wicked tattoo on his leg. It was a great night, but I must admit i'm pretty jealous.

It was a pretty short trip now that I look back on it, so much to see and very little time. Overall it was in good fun, and I can't wait to take another trip down there. 

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