Friday, 20 May 2011


Positive and Negative Floral Pillows 
 These pillows are made out of unbleached cotton and printed in combination of pigment staining and silk-screening pigment. 

In my first year at Sheridan in the Crafts and Design: Textile program, I made these pillows. The project was about using positive and negative spaces. I drew up a quick floral design of different sizes played around with it on the photocopier until I was somewhat satisfied. I took my original design and made a negative version on the photocopier and tad-da! I had my designs ready to go! I placed them on to screens, and printed them with my favorite colours at the time; browns and blues. Its probably why I liked them so much. For my first ever screen printing project I was pretty happy with myself.  They currently live on my couch where my cats cuddle them on a daily basis.

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